Club History - The Beginning... 

On the 30th of November 1958 the Port Waikato Progressive Association had attempted to get enough people locally who had shown interest in the development of the Surf Life Saving Club.  A meeting was called to see how much support could be mustered. There being only 8 people present at this meeting it was felt by those present that this was not enough interest to carry on so according to the minutes the idea was shelved meantime.

In February 1959 a group of people from the Progressive Association Committee attended a Surf Live Saving Carnival at Piha to meet Club Representatives and officials with a view to arranging a Surf Life Saving display at Port Waikato to create further interest.

The day was arranged for the 15th March and subsequently was a great success with over 50 pounds being collected on the beach.

Through the efforts of the Progressive Association the Raglan County Council then made available money to purchase a surf reel which the Muriwai Surf Life Saving Club supplied at the very reasonable cost of 25 pounds.

Muir Brothers promised a section for a Club House and Mr Harold Philips donated trees for timber for which to build a club house. It was noted that the proposed club would be off to a good start with a free site, a surf life saving reel and timber fo the cost of milling plus over 50 pounds collected at the display day. It was then moved at the inaugural meeting of the Port Waikato Surf Life Saving Clubwhich was held in the borough council chambers in Tuakau on the 20th April 1959 at 8:00pm that the meeting was in favour of a Club being formed and it would be known as the Port Waikato Surf Life Saving Club. 

Mr Junge offered the support of the Pukekohe Swimming Club, the use of their equipment and the pool when convenient and that they would help out in any way. The initial committee was elected with that being Messrs H.J. Philips, F J. Batkin, H J Mc Gowan, D Dorizac, G P Junge, I N Campbell, W Standish, F Nealie, G lane, S Fry, I Martindale, G Boween,H M Howard, A L Howard, A L Reid and Mrs T Reid. It was finally moved to this meeting that the Club membership fee be five shillings for the current year until September when the inaugural annual meeting would be held. The Chairman spoke of the proposed work to be done, mostly in connection with the club house and was hoped to have this completed by Christmas. 

On May 20 1959 a further meeting was held of the club where Mr H J Philips was elected Chairman and Mr F J Batkin Secretary.

On the 15th June it was moved by Mr Don Dorizac thatthey purchase a full set of equipment at a total cost of 7 pounds and 15 shillings as follows: Standard reel with line and belt,Club House Patrol Flag, Patrol Caps,Beach Marker Flags, First Aid Equipment, One extra patrol cap, extra line and belt, ballot marbles set in a bag, first aid stretcher of the folding type.