The surf was large today but weather a bit more settled as Sunset Lifeguards sat their exams for Drivers, Crewman and Instructors.  Amazing, they were all so well instructed, they all passed thanks to Taylor, Shane, Mark, Jack and Bryce.  8 new Drivers, 7 new Crewman and 3 new instructors. 

Well done to: 
Tori Shrimpton
Robbie Shrimpton
Joel Ibbs
Jasmine Craddock
Samantha Coughlan
Isaac Schanzer
Josh Andrews
Finbar Culley

Izzy Lempriere
Samantha-Jane Harding
Catherine Lussi
Joel Ibbs
Isaac Schanzer
Finbar CulleyJosh Andrews

Taylor Shrimpton
Jack Boulton
Bryce Nichol

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