Sunset Beach Lifeguards have won the Northern Region IRB (Inflatable Rescue Boat) top club title for the 4th year in a row.

A team of lifeguards from Sunset Beach travelled to Waipu Cove for the Northern Region IRB Championships.  There were two open men’s teams and two women’s teams.  There were five other clubs from the region competing.

The women’s team of Taylor and Robbie Shrimpton, won all of the women’s events, Tube, Mass, Assembly and Single Rescues.  The B team, Nikayla Poole and Jazz Craddock, came third in the Tube and Assembly Rescue.

The open men’s A team, Shane and Mark Edwards, won the Assembly Rescue and came second in the Mass and Single Rescue.  The men’s B team, Lewis Powell and Hogan Shrimpton, won the Single Rescue, came second in the Assembly rescue and third in the Tube Rescue.

The club A team, Shane and Mark Edwards, Lewis Powell and Hogan Shrimpton, also won the Opens team’s event with the B team, Taylor and Robbie Shrimpton, Nikayla Poole and Jazz Craddock coming third.

The club were also supported by wonderful patients, Izzy Lempriere, Gaby Marshall, Jacob Pullen, Robert Graham, Jhett Hunt, Judd Redmond, Lola Key and Anton Baptist.

The team would like to thank their team officials, Robert Key, David Craddock and Julie Roulston, and all of the supporters who came to watch.

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The next event is the North Island Championships at Waipu Cove on the 13th February.

Overall club points
1st Sunset Beach - 48
2nd Bethells Beach - 24
3rd United North Piha - 12
4th Omaha - 6
5th Mairangi Bay - 3
6th Kariotahi - 0