Trust Waikato Sunset Beach Lifeguard Service
Celebrating Success

On Saturday 10th December, our club had an opportunity to celebrate the success of the past season as the ‘Top Club’ in New Zealand for Surf Rescue (Inflatable rescue boats) and also the success of our U19 Surf Boat Crews at National Level.

Having just been sponsored by Toyota Financial Services a new multipurpose rescue vehicle, we invited Chris Stark, Marketing & Insurance Manager for Toyota Financial Services and Waikato District Councilor, Jacqui Church to an event held to acknowledge this sponsorship and launch the rescue vehicle to the public.  Trust Waikato Sunset Beach Lifeguard Service are very appreciative of this 3 year sponsorship and the support that goes with itThe season last year for us was huge.  The club had major success as a small club competing against the giants of Surf Life Saving clubs in New Zealand and we would like to acknowledge their success and the heart from which our club operates. 

We have shifted the communications tower twice in one year, the decision to retreat by the council and the erosion problems are something our lifeguards deal with every weekend and acknowledge the communities awareness and support.  Our president Malcolm Beattie has also been recently elected as President of the Northern Region Surf Life Saving. We are sure the Sunset Beach Lifeguard Service and the Northern Region is in good hands going forward.  Click on this link to go to our facebook page for more photos...